terranoun: land, territory
logistcombining form: indicating a person skilled or involved in a branch of study

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Tyler. Seventeen and in a love-hate relationship with life.

This blog will mostly have photography, food reviews and recipes. I won’t claim to be a professional or an epicurean. I’m just a teenager who’s been given free reign to what she wants with the kitchen, a camera and Photoshop. Really.

I enjoy wholesome food. Nutritious food, with lots of colours indicative of vibrance and nutrients, not the bland, overly salted and sugar-laden stuff you get off the grocery aisle or at your neighbourhood Macs. I like cooking with what is in season and playing around with different flavours. Though I may live in Asia, I have a penchant for food from all around the world. There is something very exciting about savouring food you’ve prepared yourself and, even better, sharing it with others; hence, the reason for this blog.

I’m an amateur photographer. I only got my camera in late June 2014, and I’m definitely not very apt at it. I’ll admit that I am still figuring things out as I go along, so bear with me. Even though this blog primarily features photographs of food, I would much rather take photographs of landscapes and nature and people. (But for that I’d need a chance to travel.) I have 6 years of experience with Photoshop, and have also dabbled in web design and graphic design. Pity WordPress won’t let me edit the stylesheet unless I fork out money.

Perhaps on occasion you’ll get into a glimpse into my unextraordinary life. Perhaps a sentence or two here and there to exhibit my frustration at circumstances, or a travelogue if I get the chance to venture out. A trip to a new cafe I found or a solo hiking session round the forests. Maybe even a personal post. (I enjoy non-fiction a lot. Be warned.)

Tools of the trade are Olympus PEN E-PM2, Photoshop CS6 and an overactive mind.


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